Best Smart Power Strip

5 Best Smart Power Strip for Home and Office

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From the household to the workplace, it is no secret that power strips and extension cords are a necessity, especially for places with a limited power source, sockets, or electrical receptacles. Power strips are popular among people who operate various power-dependent appliances and are practical when one is in need to use or charge such power-dependent devices at the same time.

These days, power strips are available almost anywhere, but it is important to choose the best smart power strips that are both safe and functional.

Best Smart Power Strip

In this guide, we list five smart power strips that might fit your needs best. These strips do not only perform great, but they are also the safest and “smartest” on the market. You can easily use them at home or carry to your workplace!

APC Smart Plug Wifi Power Strip

Organizing Your Desk and DrawersJust getting started with smart power strip installations? It is best to try the APC Smart Plug Wifi Power Strip. This is great because it is easy to set up and features a combination of outlets and smart plugs.

The beauty of Smart Plugs is that it can be operated by voice control and the smart plugs can be turned on and off with a schedule. In total, it has six outlets, three of which are “smart” which means it can be remotely controlled by voice (Alexa) or the App. It also has four USB ports (two are smart). However, all of its outlets are equipped with UL-Certified surge protection making it safe to use.

Smart plugs also lessen your burden of worrying about overloading. This model is designed to manage several devices at once with its APC Home app, where one can group the outlets to schedule or control all at once!


  • Weight – 2.05 lbs
  • Size – 10.50 x 4.00 x 1.44”
  • Materials – Plastic
  • Voltage – 120 volts
  • Maximum Power – 1100 watts
  • Maximum Load – 15A
  • Features – 6 Outlets (3 smart), 4 USB ports (2 smart), Alexa voice operation, App control, power surge protection, wifi-connect


  • Voice and App operated
  • Has enough outlets for multiple gadgets
  • Has more USB ports than the others in this review


  • Only connects with Alexa (not Google Home etc)
  • Cannot group control USB ports and smart outlets
  • The cord is short (18 inches)


Gosund Smart Power Strip for Cruise Ship Travel Multi-Plug Extender 

Gosund Smart Power Strip for Cruise Ship Travel Multi-Plug Extender Gosund is one of the leading companies in designing smart power strips, and this model is one of their leading items. The Gosund Smart Power Strip is outfitted with technology that connects to Alexa and Google Home Assistant, which have signature voice-command features. Along with the remote control device with the Gosund app, the strip is easy to operate remotely.

At the same time, this model is also designed to work with a 2.4G Wi-Fi router which means you spend less on a hub or paid subscription. It also features 3-USB charging ports that can allow you to charge your phone and other gadgets at the same time.

This is great for people on-the-go and travelers who need to power up their devices within a shorter period. It is also lightweight which makes it easy to pack.

What makes it great for the house and on travels is its surge protection as well as a built-in circuit breaker that saves the device from sudden energy bursts and damage from rising temperatures.


  • Weight – 11.2 lbs
  • Size – 3.9x 3.9 x 1.1”
  • Materials – PCVO
  • Voltage – 120 volts
  • Wattage – 1200 watts
  • Maximum Power – 1200 watts
  • Maximum Load – 10A
  • Features – Compact, voice-operated, three outlets and three USB ports, surge protect, timer, Wi-Fi


  • Easy to operate even remotely because of Alexa and the remote control
  • It has a timer option so you can sleep while charging and it can turn off right on schedule.
  • Good for multiple devices
  • Surge protection to keep you worry-free and not constantly looking after the power strip.
  • Lightweight to carry everywhere.


  • Can take a few tries to connect it to the app
  • Alexa may disconnect a few times and had to be turned on again
  • Some reviewers prefer that the socks be spaced out more to accommodate other plugs
  • Lightweight built may wear down after continuous heavy use.


Gosund WP9 Smart Power Strip

Gosund WP9 Smart Power StripThe Gosund WP9 Smart Power Strip is a great extension cord for homes and personal offices. It is compact enough that it won’t take up much space. It can fit behind your desk or bedside table. Like most of Gosund’s power strips, it is designed to pair well with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home making it easy to control with simple voice commands. Busy with work? Operate them with your phone through the corresponding phone app!

You also do not need a hub to use it, making it easy to install. It comes with three WiFi-smart sockets which are conveniently designed to be controlled together or individually (yes, you can leave the charger wires plugged without having to remove them!). Meanwhile, the USB ports are collectively controlled.

Multitasking at home is made worry-free thanks to this strip’s surge protector and built-in timer which means you can leave it on and it will be turned off according to your schedule or when it feels a high energy surge.


  • Weight – 11.2 ounces
  • Size – 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.2 ”
  • Materials – Polycarbonate
  • Voltage – 110 volts
  • Wattage – 1100 watts
  • Maximum Power – 1100 watts
  • Maximum Load – 10A
  • Features – lightweight, voice-operated, three outlets (with individual control), three USB ports (as one unit), surge protect, timer, wifi-connect


  • Easy to set up
  • FCC-certified surge protection
  • Controllable no matter where you are thanks to the Gosund app, you can turn on plugged lights to give off a signal that somebody is home (anti-theft)
  • You can use it without hub
  • Easy scheduling feature to save energy and protect the device from overcharging. The schedule feature can also be set to daily or weekly timelines.
  • The cord is made with V0 flame-retardant material


  • Some reviewers report of the app not turning off the plug even when (voice)-ordered to do so
  • Multiple reconnections needed to keep it operating
  • May present spotty wifi connection (and recurrent disconnection issues)
  • USB ports can not be controlled together
  • USB ports may also seem loose when a phone wire is plugged


Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip

Kasa Smart Plug Power StripThe Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip is ideal for homes or offices with a small group of people. Need to power up all your gadgets at once? Set this power strip up and you are good to go! This extension cord features six smart outlets and three USB ports that can help a person connect their devices to electricity in one go or for families or friends who need to charge at the same time.

It is also made to connect with Alexa, Echo, and Google Home, so you can control it even from a distance. Powering up your outdoor lights or Christmas lamps can now be possible even if you’re outside.

Six or more gadgets and devices can connect to this device, and you can be worry-free because it is outfitted with an energy monitoring feature that makes the strip turn off when too much power is consumed. You may monitor the energy from the app.


  • Weight – 1.55 lbs
  • Size – 14.17 x 2.49 x 1.48”
  • Materials – Plastic
  • Voltage – 125 volts
  • Maximum Power – 1200 watts
  • Maximum Load – 15A
  • Features – voice-operated, 6 outlets, 3 USB ports, surge protect, energy monitoring.


  • Six outlets
  • Voice control for multiple outlets
  • Can be controlled with an app and run on your preferred schedule
  • Energy monitoring feature for extra safety


  • A bit bulkier (longer) than others due to its added outlets
  • Some reviewers write of being unable to connect with Alexa or Google Home
  • Users also find this better to be manually operated than from a remote location
  • Group controls for outlets on the schedule are not available


Anker PowerPort Cube USB Power Strip

Anker PowerPort Cube USB Power StripFor those on the hunt for the most compact power strip, this Anker PowerPort Cube is a great choice. This “one-for-all” power strip features three AC outlets and three USB ports. That is enough for your gadgets, and more! It is also outfitted with the brand’s PowerIQ technology for high-speed charging (saves you time!)

It also has 2 1/2 cubic inch-size that makes it a great addition to your work desk, takes less space, and avoids clutter. Because of its size, it will easily fit your bag so you can use it wherever you go. Although the package comes with an adhesive strip that lets you stick it where you want it, you’ll have to remove it from the adhesion to take it on the go.

It also has a fire-proof material to help prevent fires in case of an unlikely overload.


  • Weight – 9.1 oz
  • Size – 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.4”
  • Materials – Plastic, with fire-retardant exterior
  • Voltage – 90V – 264V
  • Maximum Power – AC: 1250W at 125V
  • Maximum Load – 10A
  • Features – 3 AC outlets, 3USB ports, overload protection, fire protection, adhesive strip


  • Small enough for personal use
  • Does not take space and also good for travel
  • It comes with an adhesive strip so you can stick it on walls or under tables.
  • Fast charging feature
  • Compact but comes with 5-feet chord


  • Not voice or app operated
  • Maximum of the only 6w for each UST port, may not be ideal for tablets
  • No timer or schedule like the others in this review
  • Some reviewers prefer for the strip to be flat but it is not.


Best Smart Power Strip for New Users: 

For starters, be sure to try this APC Smart Plug Wifi Power Strip. It is made with stand-alone “non-smart” and smart outlets so it has the best of your traditional power strips and the modern twist of the smart ones. In total, it has six outlets and four USB ports which are enough for all your devices at home or in the office.

Best Smart Power Strip On-the-Go: 

The Gosund Smart Power Strip for Cruise Ship Travel Multi-Plug Extender is the best one for travel as it is compact and can fit easily in your luggage. Its surge protection mechanism and timer feature make it a handy power strip to charge all your gadgets, phones, camera, and power banks in one go, especially if you’re catching naps on busy travel days.

Best Smart Power Strip for Home: 

Gosund WP9 Smart Power Strip is a great buy for houses transitioning into a smart home. It does not take too much. It is also safe to use around appliances and your kids as you can set it up to turn off at a specified time. You can even control when to turn on appliances, lights, and pet devices even when you’re outside!

Best Smart Power Strip for Shared Spaces: 

The Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip features six outlets and three USB ports which is a few more than the others in this guide. If you have multiple appliances and gadgets that need constant electricity connection, this is a good buy.

Best Smart Power Strip for Space Saving: 

The Anker PowerPort Cube USB Power Strip is the most ideal if you prefer a smart power strip that can be placed right under your desk or on the corner of your desk without being bulky.

Final Words

This review will hopefully give you an idea about smart power strips and how it is a handy device to have at home and in your office. These timer options (as well as the surge protection features) keep your devices safe from fire as it helps you turn off appliances or devices that you tend to forget regularly

What makes smart power strips useful is that it allows you to save time by powering up devices at once and ensuring that such activity is safe from power surges and possible fires! When choosing your first (or next) smart power strip, be sure to choose the one that fits your needs and lifestyle best!

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