Home Office Setup Ideas 

Home Office Setup Ideas 

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The term “home office” is self explanatory. It’s four walls that function both as a home and an office. A couple of years ago, home offices were thought to be a luxury item that only the wealthiest employee could have, but with the technological advancements the world has experienced, it has become an essential part of life.

Also, the various economic situations that are sometimes accompanied with layoffs and downsizing have made people consider working from the comfort of their homes. With this process, they need a portable and comfy home office.

Currently, most companies and organizations are encouraging their employees to work from the comfort of their homes as a way to reduce the cost of renting or leasing an office space. With the development of conference, meeting, analysis, and reporting applications, it has become increasingly easy, convenient, and productive to work from the comfort of your home.

While some people will argue that working from home has its downsides, the benefits outweigh the minor problems. In this piece, we will discuss some of the benefits of a home office as well as home office set-up ideas you can adopt to give it that comfy and aesthetic look.

Benefits of a Home Office

Home Office

There are actually a couple of benefits associated with setting up a home office. These benefits include:

It Saves Time and Money

Employees spend time and money commuting from their place of residence to their offices daily. Depending on how busy their city of residence is, they may experience light to heavy traffic in the process spending more time than necessary in the car. Aside from eating up valuable time, spending even 30 minutes longer on a commute than necessary will affect your mental health.

With your office right in your home, you save funds that you ordinarily would use to pay for your bus fare. Additionally, you save time that can be used to complete that difficult task you were assigned. You get to do all your work at home without leaving the house for any reason.

Offers Increased Productivity

As slightly mentioned earlier, the time you spend waiting for a bus at the park, sitting on the bus, or your personal car will definitely affect your productivity level. The time could be spent talking with your colleague about that difficult task you have to complete before the week runs out.

There are a variety of things capable of distracting you while at work – the sound of the elevator, the sound of the water dispenser, footsteps across the office, and door sounds. All are capable of affecting your concentration level. With a comfortable and well-spaced home office, you do not have to go through this. You are able to concentrate without distractions from anyone, thereby increasing your productivity and efficiency level.

You Get to Work When It Suits You

Home Office

One of the core benefits of having a home office and working from home is that you get to work when it’s most convenient for you. Research has revealed that employees are able to produce quality results when they are allowed to work when it is most convenient for them. With your home office already up, you can decide to work when you feel more relaxed.

While most employees find it convenient working or completing tasks in the early hours of the day, others may prefer to handle tasks late at night. Regular office space will not offer them this rare opportunity of working as they deem fit. A home office offers them that opportunity. With their home office already set up, they can simply get to work whenever they find it convenient in the process churning out quality results.

Lets You Set Up Your Own Office Space

Unknown to most employers, the office setting affects the productivity level of employees. Most employees with mild OCD will prefer to work in a concise, well arranged, and beautifully designed office space while others may want their office space to be larger and capable of accommodating various items. A home office offers them the opportunity to design or set it up as they wish.

Also, designing or setting up your home office will ensure that you are always able to find items. Public office spaces mean that you may have to look for various items as other employees may have used and placed them in a different place. This does not happen when you have a personal home office.

It Reduces Work Stress

Commuting from your home to the office daily definitely affects your stress levels. If you live in the big city prone to traffic, you may become more stressed and unable to come up with creative ideas.

A couple of studies conducted in the last couple of years have revealed that people who work from a home office experience reduced stress levels when compared to others that have to commute to their offices. For starters, you will not have to deal with office politics, talks, and gossip.

Must-Have Items for a Home Office

Home Office

While working from home may sound like a dream come true for you, if you do not have all the essential items, it may become a nightmare and in turn affect your overall productivity level. Although no two home offices can be the same because of individual preference, there are a couple of essential items that you must have if you want to get a thrilling, productive, and comfortable home office experience.

Adjustable Seats and Desk

Simply sitting on a chair even at home is not only mentally draining but is also detrimental to your health. Having a seat that can be adjusted to various positions, heights, and angles is the best option for you especially if you’re sitting for a long time. With an adjustable seat, you can conveniently sit and stand as much as you wish without suffering any health risk.

In addition to getting an adjustable seat, you need a well designed and modern desk to place your items on. This desk, depending on various factors, may be constructed in such a way that it meets your seat halfway.

Good Lighting

Light in your home office space is essential not only to enable you to see clearly but for the atmosphere and design of your home. Working in a space that gets little or no lighting will definitely affect your ability to produce good results.

If you can, set up your home office in a room or space that is close to a window. This helps your office get a sufficient amount of natural lighting. If that is not possible right now, the best thing to do would be to get an artificial lighting source and place them strategically in a way that shines over the entire office space. One fluorescent bulb will definitely not be enough to light up your office space.

Also, the artificial lighting source you opt for should not exude heat as it will contribute to the uncomfortable nature of your home office.

A Computer in Good Condition

Home Office

The type of computer you choose for your home office has the potential to make your work a success or a failure. This is why it is advised that you pick one that meets your every need. If you love working in various areas of your office, a laptop may just be your best option as it is portable. If on the other hand, you tend to work in a particular position for a long time, then a desktop computer may be best for you.

Aside from its portability, you need to settle for one with the right software, hardware, and model that best suits the type of work you plan to do.

Internet Connection

This is as essential as getting a computer to work with. If you need to host meetings or forward reports to your fellow employees or employer, then there is every need for you to get high-speed internet for your home office. This keeps you just a click away from sending that email, arranging, and editing that report received, or joining that conference or meeting.

Regardless of the type of computer you settle for, your internet provider should be fast and reliable enough to help you get things done as soon as possible.

Communication System

Depending on the nature of your work and if there is a need to communicate with your fellow employees, employers or clients, there is every need to have a communication system handy. A communication system does not in any way mean that you should get a microphone or a huge speaker or something of that nature. It could simply be a separate phone and line to communicate with others when necessary.

Additionally, there are other communication systems like Skype, Zoom, Nextiva that allow you to call people from almost every part of the world.

A Printer

Home Office

Getting this item will depend on the type of work you’re handling. Getting a good printer to help you print important documents that have been emailed to you is also important. For efficiency, you may decide to get the one-in-all printer and scanner device.

While it may not be important to you right now, this device may come in handy as you continue to work from home.


This includes a calendar, healthy snacks so that you do not step out of your office space, coffee, audio or video player, alarm clock, and maybe a door to lock your office. Also, an exercise book and pen are needed.

These items are quite helpful if you want a truly satisfying and productive home office experience.

Home Office Setup Ideas

A well designed, concise, neat, and aesthetic home office space helps you avoid any form of distraction while in turn fueling creativity and efficiency. While most people may have found it difficult to set up a beautiful home office, this section will share ideas that you can adopt to revamp that cranky and boring home office space.

The Minimalist Workspace

As the name implies, this office space idea can be recreated by carving out space in your bedroom or sitting room. To make this more interesting, the painting should align with the painting of the bedroom or sitting room. This workspace would contain a desk, an adjustable seat, a computer, and some other essential items on it. This is ideal for those with little space.

Under the Stairs Office

Home Office

This home office makes use of less space than you would have envisioned. Depending on how large the stairs are, you could incorporate a storage shelf, a desk, an adjustable seat, and even a plant. All you need to do is install a built-in shelf and a comfortable, small, and adjustable seat. One benefit of this is that it is concise, neat, and surprisingly beautiful to behold.

Executive Sleek

This is especially for those with enough rooms to use. To get this right, you need to choose a room with wider windows. This will offer better lighting to your office. Being an executive office space, the desk should be large enough to accommodate a laptop or desktop, a plant, a cup of coffee, a printer, and other essential items you’d be needing.

For your storage needs, you can decide to install an open shelf.

Old Wardrobe Office Space

The idea is to repurpose your old wardrobe into something as beautiful and productive as a home office. This is ideal for individuals with little or no space. If you own a two-layer wardrobe, then you can use the top layer as a storage shelf. The second layer can be used as your desk. Place your computer, communication system, and other essential items on it.

Bedroom Home Office

This is ideal for students or people with flatmates. To avoid distractions of any sort, you may want to convert the window of your bedroom into a concise and beautiful home office. If you can, it is advised that you get an adjustable seat, if not, a regular chair will suffice. While using a regular chair, ensure that you do not sit on it for a long period of time.

Since the window is a perfect source of lighting, you may decide to get just one or two artificial lighting bulbs for night time work.

Outdoor Home Office

Home Office

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with mild climate conditions, then an outdoor home office may just be right for you. To get started on this, you will need shade, it could be an artificial or detachable covering. You also need a desk, an adjustable seat, and some plants to give it an aesthetic look. Since this is an outdoor home office, you do not need to store important items or files out there.

Mobile Home Office

With the level of technological advancement we are experiencing accompanied by the increase in the number of people working from home, a perfect solution for all seeking to work conveniently at home has been produced in the form of mobile offices.

This office space although compact offers you everything you need and more. One of the core features of this home office setup is that it comes with a door. This is ideal for individuals with kids and family members around.

Garden Shed Office Space

While this is quite expensive, it is one of the best home office space ideas. Depending on the size of your property, you can decide to construct a shed in your garden. To make this interesting, it should be designed with transparent materials, preferably glass. This office space will contain a shelf for all your storage needs, a desk, an adjustable seat, a plant, a printer by the side, and other essential items you’d be needing to complete your task.

Detachable Desk Setup

As the name implies, you need to get your hands on a detachable desk. While it is detachable, it should be sturdy and firmly built to carry your laptop and other important items like a snacks box or a cup of coffee. This setup helps to reduce the amount of time you spend working.

Get Artsy

Regardless of the type of work you’re carrying out, it is important that you decorate your walls or space with images that are capable of speaking into your subconscious mind. One of the known disadvantages of having a home office is the lack of willpower to actually get work done. With images, designs, and write-ups that speak to you personally, you may be motivated to get that job done and on time.

It could be a picture of someone that motivates you to strive harder.

Optimize Your Workspace


The key to carrying out more tasks is organization. According to studies, no one actually works well in a messy office space. Rather than simply keep items indiscriminately, it is best that you construct cabinets or shelves to store certain essential items you’d need. If your space is not enough to construct a cabinet or install a shelf into, you can decide to store essential documents under your desk in an organized and arranged manner.

Convert Your Dining Into A Home Office

If you do not have any need for a dining table right now, you could turn it into a home office for you. To make a good home office, your dining should be close to a large window or must have uninterrupted access to natural light. Since you already own a table and chair, you could decide to get an adjustable seat as it offers a better working experience.

The key to this is keeping it organized all the time. The size of the table may tempt you to place more items than necessary, you need not give in. Keep the table clutter-free with only a couple of items on it.

Go For Blue

Always stressed out at work? Painting your office space blue may be just what you need to reduce your stress level. Research carried out reveals that blue has this calming effect. Going for blue may just be one of the best decisions you will make in relation to your home office space.

Low Partitioned Wall

Low partitioned walls make for a perfect home office space, in fact, it makes it look like your office is in a separate room. To separate this from your sitting room, a curtain may just be the best tool to make use of. The space you choose should have natural lighting or a place to conveniently place artificial lighting bulbs on.

Go Green

Outdoor Office

Make your office space a little more comfortable, clean, and ergonomic by adding a plant to your office. A beautiful and lovely plant is capable of keeping you calm and feeling clean. Also, it looks pretty and gives your office this beautiful aura.

To make things interesting, you could go for a plant that matches your home office painting.


A home office is currently one of the best ways for employees to get the job done while staying home. Aside from saving time and money, working from the comfort of your home in a concise, organized, beautiful, and well lightened office space will increase productivity.

The home office setup ideas listed here give you ideas on that beautiful home office regardless of the size and shape of your home. While working from home is ideal and capable of fostering efficiency, other minor things like clutter or a messy desk may affect you. To prevent this from happening, it is advised that you optimize your home office space. Essential items should be placed in a position that makes it easier for you to reach.

Basically, your home office space should be clean, clutter-free, optimized, and should contain all essential items.

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